We know from experience that a bad interior finish can ruin the look and feel of a room. One misplaced tile can result in a low quality, ill finished job. When it comes to tiling, accuracy and tentative placement are paramount.

At Interior Solutions, we provide a professional tiling service for both commercial businesses and residential properties. With over 10 years experience in interior design, planning and construction, our tile fitting services are like no other. Quick, professional and ambassadors for quality workmanship – we fit to your individual specification and needs.

Our professional tillers have all the required skills and expertise to cut, drill and install tiles in an array of stunning designs and finishes.

Commercial Tiling

Our years of experience means our qualified and highly trained team can take on any tiling task. We understand that different businesses require different types of tiling, though all businesses require a perfect, integrated finish every time.

From retail outfits and restaurants to swimming pools and hotels, we ensure that the project is finished on time, in budget and with a professional, polished finish.

Residential Tiling

Our specialists have worked on a number of residential projects throughout their careers, as such they understand the idiosyncrasies that tiling for residential properties can present. With granular attention to detail, our experienced professional tillers ensure even the smallest of tiling jobs is executed perfectly, with extreme precision.